Francisco Gonzalez Jr., better known as “Mother Chi Chi Unbothered Mizrahi” is a Stakeholder and Community Advocate for the House and Ballroom Community. Born on January 31st 1987 in Brooklyn, NY, he is the youngest of 4 brothers and sisters. He has been an active member of the Kiki scene and Ballroom scene for over 10 years. Entering the HIV Prevention Field at the age of 19, his work with youth affected by HIV and youth advocacy has provided him with many opportunities such as appearing in an Adidas Campaign, Paper Magazine’s “Night Life” issue, the AMFAR Gala opening act, and as a principal dancer Icona Pops’ “All Night” music video. He recently traveled to Belfast, Ireland to introduce the House and Ballroom culture to the LGBTQ community. After getting his professional start as a community health specialist at FACES NY, Inc, he is currently a Program Coordinator for Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s Peter Krueger Clinic located in Manhattan. Chi Chi continues his work with the house and ballroom community and the Kiki Scene. His selfless dedication to the youth and the community hasn’t gone unnoticed. He is the Founding Mother and creator of the House of Unbothered-Cartier and Empress of the Legendary House of Mizrahi. He is looked at as a mentor to many in the Ballroom Community. Chi Chi’s Ballroom Category is Vogue Fem and his Kiki scene category is runway. He has dominated the Voguing category from state to state, as one of the most popular voguers. His playful personality, endless love, and nurturing ways are a representation of how he keeps the youth of his community safe. “Live In Your Truth “ is his life-long motto for himself and for those with whom he’s affiliated.



Gia Love is a trans woman of color from New York City. She is the Queen Mother of the House of Juicy, which is one of the many houses in the underground Kiki scene. Gia’s work in the Kiki ballroom community has extended from community activism to providing HIV and STI prevention services for at-risk LGBTQ youth. Gia lives her life as a courageous woman of trans experience who overcame adversity by living in her truth unapologetically and authentically.



Born and raised in Brooklyn, Divo had it far from easy growing up. From an abusive family and bouts of homelessness, he has been through a lot in his 25 years. Nearly seven years ago, Divo began Voguing and the House and Ballroom community were never the same. Not only did Divo find Voguing to be a creative way to express himself, but also a way to heal. Now, Divo aspires to sing and dance as an openly gay artist. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his nieces and family. He wants to be recognized for his heart. “Though I’ve been through so much, I still remain a sweetheart and a caring person.”



Twiggy Pucci Garçon is a Virginia-born, NYC-based House|Ballroom runway performer. He is a Senior Program Officer at the True Colors Fund, Cyndi Lauper’s national nonprofit organization focused on ending LGBT Youth Homelessness. At True Colors, Twiggy leads the Youth Collaboration program area, where LGBT youth who have experienced housing instability are not only honored, but are directly involved in being part of the solution. 

Twiggy is the founder of what was the Kiki scene’s largest international house, the Opulent Haus of PUCCI, whose primary function was to promote premiere ballroom performance, personal & professional development, and targeted community service initiatives within the LGBTQ community. Twiggy is one of the participants, alongside Ellen DeGeneres, Wanda Sykes and others, in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders HBO documentary “The OUT List” (2013), highlighting LGBTQ voices in the United States today. He has walked in New York Fashion Week, been featured in Paper Magazine, among others, and continues to travel internationally teaching the masses about House|Ballroom culture.



Izana Lee Vidal (also known as Zariya Mizrahi) was born on June 18th 1996 in Harlem, New York. She is the oldest of 2 siblings, is full of life, and loves fashion. Zariya studied fashion merchandising in hopes of pursuing a career in the fashion world, and has interned at New York Fashion Week. Zariya has been part of the House and Ballroom community for approximately 3 years. Upon entering the Ballroom scene, she decided to transition. She started transitioning at the age of 16 to pursue her true destiny, to live her life as the woman she was meant to be.

Now Zariya is a member of the Kiki House of Unbothered Cartier and The Legendary House Of Mizrahi, where she walks Fem Queen Face, which is considered a beauty category for trans women. Zariya enjoys art and culture, particularly international cuisine. She loves to travel and has visited Germany and Mexico. Fashion continues to be her passion, favoring fashion houses like Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Alexander McQueen. Her goal is to be a Trans-Rights activist and international model, walking runways around the world and breaking barriers for trans women everywhere.


Born and Raised in Harlem, NY, Christopher wasn’t always allowed to express himself with dance due to his upbringing. Since elementary school, his favorite class was art until he joined a dance class in his after school program. This is where he learned to express himself: through dancing! Christopher was introduced to the Ballroom Scene in 2007, when he attended his first Ball and was captivated by the art of Voguing. Four years later, after attending several Balls, Christopher thought he had built the courage to step back into his passion for dancing by joining The Opulent Kiki Haus Of PUCCI, where he learned to establish his own style of Voguing.

Christopher continues to be passionate about the arts and dance. Due to his active participation in Ballroom, he has been able to discover more art forms. Makeup artistry was the one he grew very fond of and Christopher now works as a Professional Makeup Artist for Sephora.


Kenneth Soler-Rios, better known as Symba McQueen, is a New York native. Adopted and raised by a Puerto Rican family, Symba grew up as a shy but intelligent child. Symba struggled coming out of the closet, as he had to come out to two families. When Symba came out of the closet, he felt free.

Symba came to Ballroom 12 years ago. Right after his close friend Angeles, who was a commentator, was killed, Symba began using his own commentating skills. Eventually, Symba became the first voice of the Kiki Scene. Symba’s personality and voice have opened many doors and afforded him the opportunity to receive Father of the Year twice, the Youth Most Outstanding Award, and many more. Symba has been HIV positive for 7 years and is an activist, advocate and ally for his peers. Symba has aspirations to be a TV/Radio personality, where he can find an intersection between what he loves and what he’s learning

Photographer: Anja Matthes